Sharky Rail Rod 3D Print

sharky006Here’s instructions for printing the Sharky Rail Rod model. First, snag a copy of the files from here. The download is $1.99, then you can make as many copies as you wish for personal use. If you don’t want to pay $1.99, check out Trinpy where you can download some files for free each month.  Here’s a video showing all the steps in assembly.

Print at 0.2 mm, 20% in fill, 4 perimeters. You can get away with less, but this makes good sturdy parts that can be assembled and disassembled without breaking. The files are take from 1 to 3 hours, but you can combine the files depending on the colors you are printing and the size of your build plate, of course.

My printer seems to run a little cold. I print opaque ABS at 235 C and transparent ABS at 240C. You’ll need to find the sweet spot for your printer and filament.

Use the following guide for placing support, shown in dark orange. Not all models need support.


Complete Assembly is in production.

Assembly Steps PART 1 – Sharky

  • Pop pupils into eye whites.
  • Locate the teeth with NO TAB on the side and snap them into position at the bottom of head shell by pushing all the way forward and down.
  • Drop eyes into head so they fall into position notch down. Push all the way forward into eye sockets.
  • Drop the tongue into head shell and push all the way down so the tab protrudes from the hole in the neck area. Make sure it is all the way down.
  • Snap the teeth WITH TABS on the side into head shell and push all the way forward. There is a groove inside the head to accept the tabs.
  • Carefully snap the tongue into the neck socket on Sharky’s jacket. Twist a little to help it snap into position. The head position is adjustable.
  • Slide the helmet over the head from the front and turn it to the correct orientation.
  • Wedge the chin strap into the slots on the both sides of the helmet.
  • Snap the parachute into the hole in the back of the body.
  • Carefully screw one flame into the end of each exhaust pipe.
  • Insert the exhaust pipes into the four holes on both sides of the helmet.
  • Make sure the openings at the end of sleeves are clean and free of support or other debris.
  • WITHOUT PUTTING ANY FORCE ON THE FINGERS, carefully twist and slide the hands into the position at the end of the arms. If you encounter resistance, DO NOT FORCE IT, use sandpaper to so there is only enough resistance to retain the hand. Make sure the hands slide all the way into the sockets.
  • PART 2 – Engine
  • Slide transmission onto tab at rear of engine block.
  • Place oil pan under engine block and slide tab into transmission.
  • Slide engine front over dovetail on engine block and oil pan.
  • Slide carburetor over air filter shaft.
  • Insert air filter into engine block and fasten to oil pan by twisting clockwise. Do not over tighten.
  • Slide belts and pulleys over shafts at front of engine while carefully flexing alternator mount to help align centers.
  • Twist distributor over small mounting shaft at top rear of engine block.
  • Slide oil filter into slot on left side of engine block.
  • STEP 3 – Body/Chassis
  • Slide frame rails into slots at bottom of chariot and through hole in floor brace.
  • Snap rear tires onto wheels by pushing down onto a flat surface. There is a slot that holds the tire on. Make sure the slot on the tire mates with the slot on the wheel. The lug nuts on the wheel face out and the wide part of the tire faces in.
  • Carefully twist the rear wheels onto the rear axel. DO NOT FORCE IT. If it is too tight, use a little sandpaper. Test fit the both wheels then remove one.
  • Slide the rear axle into the chariot. Note the orientation of the slot. Replace the missing wheel.
  • Insert the transmission shaft into the opening on front of the chariot and carefully spread the frame so the motor mounts mate to hold the engine in position.
  • Pop the front tires onto the front wheels from the flat side of the wheel.
  • Carefully twist the front wheels onto the front axel. DO NOT FORCE IT. If it is too tight, use a little sandpaper.
  • Snap the gas tank over the tabs on the front axel.
  • Snap the front axle assembly onto the tabs on the frame. The little blocks on the axle point down and line up with the frame so they are inside off the clamp.
  • STEP 4 – Final Assembly
  • Like up the slots on the bottom of Sharky’s jacket with the tabs on the chariot and carefully snap Sharky into position.
  • Twist the shift knob over the shift lever.
  • Using your thumb or a pair of tweezers, deflect the steering mount just enough to allow the bow steering wheel to be mounted on the tiny tab at the end of the shaft. It is held in place between Sharky’s left hand and the steering column.
  • Slide the boot over the bottom shift lever and insert the shift lever into the hole on top of the transmission. Carefully bend the shift lever and position the shift knob in Sharky’s right hand.
  • Press each wheel firmly into the seat on the wheel smoke. Rotate the wheels to adjust the wheelie position. The model will balance in a wheelie.
  • Design Files

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