Textile Designs

I recently was invited to collaborate with VIDA by provided images for high end fabric printing. VIDA is breaking new ground by offering grassroots artists like myself the opportunity to reach a global audience with our art work. I really like the socially responsible vibe from VIDA and that they put money to help local communities with literacy and other important issues.

So I checked out some of the other artists they have on board and am really impressed. Wow! I’m delighted to be included with such heavy weights of the industry. I just hope my work stands up. This could a big opportunity for me to get my work out and viewed by more people. I gladly agreed to submit some artwork for consideration. I put together a sampling of my hand painted wacom tablet images and super hi resolution computer generated images. I love to design new patterns and images, so I made a series of new images just for this project.

My new souped-up graphics workstation would come in handy for the huge files required. Considering they need a 9000 x 25800 image to print a 30″x86″ scarf at 300 dpi. This is really large. I fired up my workstation and started generating new images at this native resolution. Even with over 1000 cuda cores and 64 gig of RAM working, it still taxed this overclocked watercooled beast to produce such huge images, but the results are spectacular. I can’t wait to see one of these large scarves printed.

Here’s my first collection:

Here are a few of my very favorites:


Men’s Silk Pocket Square

Elevate your look with this standout, stylish pocket square that’s cut from pure silk.

Golden Pond Closeup 5Golden Pond Closeup 4Golden Pond Closeup 3


Men’s Silk Pocket Square

SnowyTrees Copyright Richard Swika 2013_edited-2jpgCATHEDRAL

Modal Scarf

This scarf made with soft, luxurious fabric will add a bold, modern statement to any wardrobe.


Cashmere Silk Scarf

With an opulent blend of Cashmere and Silk – featuring unique, stunning artwork – wear this beautiful scarf indoors or out, day or night, to elevate any wardrobe all season and year-long.


Sleeveless Knit Top

Stay on trend with an upscale update to this season’s popular muscle tank, made with luxuriously soft fabric in a flattering, elongated silhouette. Dress it up with your favorite jacket for a clean, modern look or pair it with your go-to yoga pants for effortless style.

See the full collection here.

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